Girlpool // Hatchie // RiaRosa

Girlpool // Hatchie // RiaRosa

Friday, May 3 | Doors 8:00pm | $15 Admission

he music Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad release as Girlpool occupies a transient space. Their constant evolution makes it perfectly impossible to articulate exactly where their project falls within the contemporary musical canon; this is one of the many reasons Girlpool’s music is so captivating.
Never before has a group’s maturation been so transparently attached to the maturation of its members. This is due in large part to the fact that Girlpool came into existence exactly when Girlpool was supposed to come into existence: at the most prolific stage of the digital revolution. Both online and in the flesh, Tividad and Tucker practice radical openness to the point where it may even engender discomfort; this is exactly the point where it becomes clear why theirs’ is such a special project: they accept the possibility of discomfort—Chaos—and show you how to figure out why you might feel it. This is achieved through their ability to empathize as best friends and partners in creation, with the intention of making music that provokes.
They met in November of 2013, and released their self-titled EP just 3 months later. Both were playing in multiple bands at the time. Harmony was 18. Cleo was 17.

The growth they have fostered in one another over the years explains the project’s disparate discography; each record is a photograph of Girlpool, growing over time. Their roots are a certain shade of punk—organized chaos dressed as earworms. “Where You Sink,” one of the first singles off their upcoming record, What Chaos Is Imaginary, gives you an idea of how much things have changed since 2014.

It’s not all good.

“I was experiencing a lot of mental health issues,” says Tividad of the title. “That song comes from a place of being disconnected from reality. The world is so complicated. It's hard to believe in magic, or that anything exists.” Notice the order: magic, then the principle existence of things. A peak into Harmony.

Though it is the 3rd track on Girlpool’s newest record, “Where You Sink” was written at a time when the two were living in different states on the East Coast. It proved to be a period of immense change for the both of them; each focused—more than they ever had before—on their solo music.

“Before, we would build our songs together with four hands, from the ground up,” says Tucker, referring to the songwriting process that produced the debut EP and 2015’s critically acclaimed follow-up, Before The World Was Big. “Our songs used to be intertwined in a different way. We brought our separate experiences to the songs that we crafted together, we valued understanding that they were multidimensional.”

Their solo work consistently breathes new life into Girlpool. The two have since become comfortable with the process being more independent, more fluid. They both take part in the production and arrangement of the music, but they’ve strayed from beginning hand in hand in every instance. They connect somewhere along the way, working together when it feels right.

Discussing the new process, Harmony says, “It’s helped me find validity in parts of my writing I found to be unapproachable. I thought my stream-of-consciousness was unsophisticated.” There’s probably a great pun available re: shedding self-consciousness to release a more sophisticated stream-of-consciousness. In any case, What Chaos is Imaginary—the record and the song—is what the stream looks like when self-consciousness is shed.

Where Harmony embraces chaos, Cleo organizes it. “It’s hard for me to feel completion without achieving a vision that I have. I’ll imagine the kind of climate I want to create inside a song,” says Cleo of his process. “Once I fall in love with the direction, it’s getting there that can take time.” Finishing a song may take time and even prove to be difficult for him at times, but the product is invariably polished. Considering the near-perfect balance in the songs on What Chaos is Imaginary, their dynamic makes sense. “It took a really long time to record this record. It feels like a photograph of a very transitional time.”

What Chaos is Imaginary is a collection of songs unlike any Girlpool songs you’ve ever heard, exactly what Powerplant was to Before The World Was Big. For the first time, it is clear who wrote what song. 2019 will see drum machines and synthesizers and beautiful/new harmonies and huge guitars and at least one orchestral breakdown by a string octet.

“It was invigorating playing stripped down and raw when Girlpool began. As we change, what gets us there is going to change too.”

It’s hard to imagine what might follow What Chaos is Imaginary. Girlpool’s growth has a steady momentum forward, towards something greater with every stride that they take. By the time the record comes out, they’ll be far from here, wherever here is.

HEALTH and Youth Code

HEALTH and Youth Code

Wednesday, May 1 | 8:00pm

Spanish Moon Presents



Youth Code

HEALTH is an American noise rock band from Los Angeles, California.



Sunday, April 28 | Doors 7 PM

Admission $15, online or cash only at the door.

Okilly Dokilly is the world's only Nedal band. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, a majority of the band's lyrics are direct Ned quotes. The band's members include Head Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned, Stead Ned and Bled Ned.

Established in 2015, the band found success before ever playing their first show, becoming a viral phenomenon after releasing just a few press photos and a 4-song demo. Within 2 weeks, the band had nearly 30,000 Facebook fans and was featured by numerous publications including Billboard, Time, The Independent, BBC, Esquire, Vice and many more.

Okilly Dokilly's live shows are high energy affairs that weave together comedy and brutality. Guttural screams and pounding drums provide a soundtrack for the pummeling of an inflatable donut as green sweaters and round glasses blur across the stage.
As of early 2016, Okilly Dokilly has been steadily working on their debut record, which is projected to release later in the year.

Royal Teeth

Royal Teeth

Saturday, April 27 | Doors 8 PM

Admission $15, online and cash only at the door.

Royal Teeth’s forthcoming sophomore record marks the band’s long overdue comeback to indie rock, with a progression in their sound that exudes energy and conviction. No stranger to the ups and downs of the music industry, they’re signed to their third label in just over six years. “There were days where I just accepted that this was probably going to be over soon,” vocalist Gary Larsen recalls. “Something finally switched inside of me. I decided that if we are going down, then we are going down swinging.” Feeling inspired to create new songs with a new fresh sound, the quartet whole-heartedly decided it was worth a return to the music scene.

Royal Teeth are also no strangers to success. Their 2012 debut EP Act Naturally and their first LP, Glow, in 2013 spawned the hit single “Wild” , followed by their 2016 EP Amateurs. They’ve turned heads at major tastemakers including Consequence of Sound and MTV and have been featured in SiriusXM Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement, as well as appearing on Last Call With Carson Daly and American Idol.

In 2017, the group began recording from their homes in New Orleans and Nashville, and the result was the new record. Unlike their previous releases, the new album is rough around the edges. “We didn’t want to reference anything we had done before. We needed to move on and figure out what we are today,” Gary continues.

“Never Gonna Quit,” the first single, serves as a mission statement for the album, boasting loudly the ability to take a shot to the chin and continue pushing forward. “It is easy for me to lose confidence in myself,” Gary states. “This line of work can be difficult. It requires you to be vulnerable and put yourself out there to be judged by others. It’s hard to get used to. We are using this album as a platform to face our fears, and to focus on the love we find through the music we create and those who connect along the way. I hope that this album gives strength to anyone who has a hard time putting themselves out there for the world to see.” Hope can be found through struggle on their sophomore album because Royal Teeth’s message is quite clear: they are never gonna quit.

The Suffers

The Suffers

Spanish Moon Presents

Thursday, April 25 | Doors 7:30

Tickets $13 in advance, online. $15 cash only at the door.

The first time I saw 10-piece Houston big band The Suffers, it was at a small venue in Washington, D.C., called DC9. The club was barely big enough to contain all the horns, guitars and percussion, not to mention the undeniable force of the music.

Houston's award-winning 8-piece ensemble that have redefined the sound of Gulf Coast Soul. Established in 2011, The Suffers’ lineup was curated by bassist Adam Castaneda and vocalist/keyboardist Pat Kelly, who brought on trumpet player Jon Durbin, trombonist Michael Razo, guitarist Kevin Bernier, percussionist Jose "Chapy" Luna, and drummer/vocalist Nick Zamora filled out the rhythm section, while frontwoman Kam Franklin topped off the group with soaring vocals.
The last 2 years have brought the band to new heights, as they played 300+ shows across North America, visited NPR in Washington, DC for a Tiny Desk Concert, made their national television debut on Late Show With David Letterman, and officially released their much anticipated self-titled album followed by performances on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Showcase Tour

The Showcase Tour

Saturday, March 30 | Doors 7:00pm

Tickets $10 in advance, online. $15 cash only at the door.

DJ + live performances

Lineup TBA

Secret Smoker Album Release

Secret Smoker Album Release

Saturday, March 9 | Doors 7:30pm

Secret Smoker is playing a record release with Woorms and Wonder Kid. Come see and pick up the new full length vinyl record entitled Dark Clouds out on Belladonna Records.

secret smoker


wonder kid.

Latin Night

Latin Night


Friday, March 1 | Doors 9:00pm

If you live in the Baton Rouge or surrounding area & looking for a place to dance Salsa, Bachata,cumbia & Merengue; check out Spanish Moon Latin Night .Dj Davila will be playing the best mix of Tropical Latin music, with a nice mix of international flair. If you have been dancing for a few years, we will have a nice mix of guys and gals for you to dance with. We pride ourself with having a fun and friendly atmosphere. Bring your friends I'm sure you'll have a blast.


BYOB for 21+.



Saturday, February 23 | Doors 8:30pm

Tickets $8 in advance, online. $10 cash only at the door.

Oleskies (ole-skeez) is a blues/rock/funk/soul jam band based in Baton Rouge. Members include Caleb Hamilton on guitar and lead vocals, Connor Dille on bass guitar and back-up vocals, and Thomas Burke on the drums. Balancing a graduating senior student workload at LSU, the three have still managed to find time to jam over the past 2 years.

Caleb Hamilton is the lead singer/songwriter and guitar player. His experience of playing blues and rock gigs with an older group in Lake Charles' shaped his old school, blues sound. Influences include the Black Keys and the Queens of the Stone Age.

Connor Dille has been gigging with local bands such as the PrimeMates and The Gypsy Whip since he was 18. His experience has allowed him to shape a solid, bone shaking bass sound that meshes perfectly with Caleb's dark and edgy blues riffs. His main influences are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers.

Thomas Burke has been performing with the local cover band, the Drew Danzy Band, as well as spending four years in the LSU Tiger Band drum line. This experience, along with the funk, rock, and blues influences of Earth Wind and Fire, Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys, and Chicago, have greatly shaped his playing style.

It all started with the first jam session in summer 2015. The basis of each song is a catchy riff played by Caleb's guitar. A jam session follows until Connor finds a steady bass groove to match Thomas's pocket drums often associated with funk and blues. Lyrics and chorus easily fall right into place. The resultant sound is warm and open, allowing space for improvisation in live settings. Our original song repertoire is growing rapidly and we are looking forward to playing more and more shows.

Delta Mouth DRAG BALL

Delta Mouth DRAG BALL

Delta Mouth presents



$15 at the door. Proceeds go to support the Delta Mouth Literary Festival, a flagship event for the literary arts here in Baton Rouge.

Featuring Alexa H. Milano, London Manchester, Rhuby Tart, Millie Meringue, and DJ Bean!

Doors open at 8, camping begins at 9