Come out to the Mid City Ballroom on September 7th to see Hank & Cupcakes with Rareluth at 8 pm!

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Hank & Cupcakes are an Atlanta-based indie rock-pop duo formed in 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The group consists of husband-and-wife Ariel "Hank" Scherbacovsky (bass guitar) and Sagit "Cupcakes" Shir (drums, vocals). They took their name as a reference to Hank Chinaski, the literary alter ego of American writer Charles Bukowski and one of his real-life lovers, Pamela "Cupcakes" Wood (Wikipedia).

"Rareluth sounds like the type of band that should have made its way onto the soundtrack for the movie Drive. Throughout their debut Demo, lead singer Christine Peirce releases her ghost-like vocals over twinkling synths and a dynamic rhythm section. Living proof that great synth-driven bands are not exclusive to the big cities." from Paste Magazine's 50 States Project; 12 Louisiana Bands You Should Listen To!

$10 in advance and at the door! Purchase tickets here!

For your listening and previewing pleasure, here is their sound cloud!