PATRICK JOHNSON - vocals, bass guitar, guitars, percussion, songwriter

Hailing from Shreveport, Patrick grew up in Baton Rouge with music coursing through his veins from a very young age. He is the son of a trumpeter and flautist, as well as nephew to two original Louisiana Hayriders.

“Music was huge in our home. My parents have this incredible record collection that seemed to remain on constant rotation when we were kids. Everything from The Beatles to Ray Charles to Chet Atkins to Beethoven - nothing was off limits. It was a great way to grow up, and educated my subconscious in varying styles and rhythms. That amount of exposure to such incredible talent at so young an age certainly kick-started my love for music.”

When asked about his influences, Patrick claims “I think I’ve been influenced in some way by every sound I’ve ever heard, but more to the point, my inspirations are deeply rooted in rock, pop, jazz, punk, alternative, country, industrial, classical, electronica, soul, blues - you name it. I can find something to appreciate in everything.”

Primarily a bassist, vocalist, and songwriter, Patrick also plays guitar. He studied music and piano while attending LSU, and eventually earned a Bachelor's in English (Creative Writing).

"Creative writing was essential for me, lyrically. Specifically, it taught me what alternate possibilities exist in expressing the same basic human emotions that have been put into song for centuries, within the confines of language. The written word, combined with my study of music, afforded me a better understanding of verbal rhythms through poetic stanzas, and how important syllable patterns can affect the flow."

As much as he loves a good band, Patrick is most impressed by singer-songwriters. Some favorites include Jeff Lynne, Sting, Matt Johnson, Mose Allison, Frank Black, Lou Reed, etc. When asked who his favorite bassist is, he answers John Entwistle with little to no hesitation. Why Entwistle?

“Because of his versatility. The respect I have for his talent is unmatched. I’ve tried to emulate his style to some degree in terms of his ability to weave standard bass lines between his lead-like fills with flawless precision that feels seamless. I’m no Entwistle, and will never profess to be, but my study of him has made me a far better player. He’s been a phenomenal influence.”

After college, Patrick spent many years touring the entirety of the United States and Scandinavia with several bands including Poor Harvey, Kristin Diable, Dash Rip Rock (for which he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2011), and the Undisputed Heavyweights, to name a few. In 2010 he began focusing on more solo oriented work. He released his debut album, "Last River Drive-In," on St. Patrick's Day in 2014, and his sophomore followup, "Monsters in the Clouds," on October 13th, 2017.

ADAM HAINS – keyboards, guitars, vocals

Adam has been a staple in the New Orleans music scene for a number of years.

As a producer and performer, Adam has been a member of several bands in the past, and is the current band leader for the house band at Bourbon Street's Famous Door. He has produced numerous albums, two of which he and Patrick produced together, “Last River Drive-In” and “Monsters In The Clouds.”

KYLE MELANCON – drums, vocals

A veteran of all things music on an international scale, Kyle is a five-star performer who has spent much of his time with some incredible bands throughout his career. He has maintained the endearing nickname of ‘The Juggernaut of the New Orleans Music Scene’ for years.

Notable bands that Kyle has been a member of include The Imagination Movers, Dash Rip Rock (for which he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2011), Glenn Tillbrook, and Zoom.

NICK BUTITTA – guitars, bass guitar, vocals

A veteran of several rock bands in the Baton Rouge area, Nick has played with notable names including Last Chance Dave, The Wayhighmen, Hilbun & The Homewreckers and Big Whup.

Nick is a former Berkley music student from Berkley in Boston, with a concentration in bass guitar. He and Patrick worked pre-production for “Last River Drive-In,” which Nick also tracked guitar, bass, and vocals for.

THE MYTHICALS are a 3-piece rock/indieRock band based in the Greater Baton Rouge area.