On January 27, 2018 Rondo Hatton Band and The Roebuck's will give you a show you will never forget.

Come out for a great time and some surf-rock, with unbelievable acoustics and reverb! 

From the Rondo Hatton's Facebook, "Rondo Hatton, the actor, was one scary dude! And Rondo Hatton, the band, is just as scary!
Take a bunch of veteran musicians (with a combined 250+ years of performing and recording experience), give them guitars, amps and drums, cut them loose with a 300+ song list of instrumental hits and unique originals, and you've got one heck of a band!
Be it a reverb-soaked surf-pounder, a jazzy swing tune, a theme from a spaghetti western, a romantic Latin ballad or one of an ever growing list of original songs... Rondo Hatton can deliver the goods.
So, check them out when you get the chance and then you'll agree, Rondo Hatton is scary good!"