Friday, July 26

Support the You Aren't Alone Project during our live art event. A culmination of stories from people all over the world that are living with or supporting someone living with, and maybe even dying from, depression and anxiety interpreted by local artists through visual and performance art--the pain, the loss, and the triumph.

The goals of this project are to bring awareness to what living with depression & anxiety looks like; to break down stigmas surrounding mental health and the way we talk about mental health; and to, ultimately, form a social & physical network of ongoing support, comprised of survivors, those struggling, supporters and everyone in between. We'll also be working with local behavioral health professionals to offer mental health resources and continue the conversation once we leave.

free for ages 21+ | includes small bites + beer + wine

Register online at (registration required)

To learn more, get involved or support this project, email Chelsea at

Storytellers - submit your story online at Please let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous. By submitting your story, you are giving us permission to interpret it through one or more artistic mediums and present to a live audience. That art will also be shared online through social channels. Your identity will only be associated with the piece if you give us explicit permission to do so. We encourage collaboration so please let us know if you'd like to work directly with the artist(s) telling your story.

While none of our stories are exactly the same, you are never ever alone in your pain.

Submission deadline May 19th

Seeking Baton Rouge are visual & performance artists >>
join the show and tell these untold stories through art

Are you an artist with a story? Message us to participate as both the storyteller and the artist.

Want to support this project in other ways? We are looking for partners, social workers, therapists, and other entities to help make this project a reality. Contact us!