And once again, “when there’s no more room in hell…”
RETURN OF THE LIVING ZOMBIE NIGHT, Concert and Costume contest at Mid City Ballroom
Starring: justinbailey
With a new score composed by Ben Livingston and Ben Clancy for the classic “Night of the Living Dead”
Zombie Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Tiny Archibald

Who wants to see one of the best bands to have ever existed in the red stick? Who loves Halloween and monsters and zombies? Who loves going out and seeing a show, a REAL show? Oh, and who wants to win $200?
Damn right, you.

Zombie Night is tailor made for the impeccable taste you are so finely tuned to. Arisen from the grave for “the darkest day of horror Baton Rouge has ever known”, the only thing that can destroy the horde is ROCK! Called to the fight once again, justinbailey will gather for the head shattering decibels required to wipe them all out! First they will need the help of Ben Livingston and company, who will perform a live new score over the projection of the film “Night of the Living Dead” to captivate the horde beforehand. By the end of the night, and when all have been slain by the music, one zombie, the best lookin’ zombie there, will walk away with $200 cash money doll hairs!!!  
Judges will be walking throughout the evening looking for the best ZOMBIE costumes, after justinbailey plays three(3) finalists will be selected and crowd support will choose the winner, the winner will then receive Two Hundred dollars, cash. Raffles will be held between performances.  

Sunday, October 21st at Mid City Ballroom
$10 tickets in advance, $15 cash at door
Doors at 7:00pm, film presentation will begin at 7:30pm and the party goes on from there.
Popcorn and beverages will be for sale while supplies last
Event is All Ages(parents please take note that there will be very loud music throughout the night, as well as imagery from a ‘60s horror movie and people in at times grotesque costumes, this may not be suitable for children of certain ages or conditions)